blessing for the waterbeginning no end
circle the earth
blesséd water
blood of life~~~~~~~~~~STATEMENTThis is the text of a public art installation at the Brightwater Treatment Plant in King County, Washington. Jane Tsong is the visual artist, who proposed making three “blessings” for the water treatment plant: for water, air and the biosolids. I wrote the blessing for the water and for the Biosolids. The short shown poem here is the water blessing. The letters are cut out of steel and larger than they look in the photo- the first line is almost 4 foot tall. When fully functional (which it is not yet) water will be sluicing over the text and it will be, by design, barely
readable – but not totally obscured- by the rushing water.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Judith Roche has added text to several public art installations in and around Seattle, Washington. Her most recent book is Wisdom of the Body, Black Heron Press, and won an American Book Award. 

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Fun gift ideas for green-friendly families

Well it’s nearly that time of year again, stores will be putting up decorations, people will be buying trees, carols will be sung. That’s right… Christmas shopping time is upon us! I’ve started looking for gifts early, and given that I blog about environmental issues it is always nice to find related products I can give as gifts. I found these little retro-styled christmas labels at http://www.brightstarkids.com.au/Vintage-Christmas-Labels.aspx?p774 and bought a bunch. What I love about them is they add a nice stylish finish to your gift wrapping (and look awesome on green wrapping paper). You could also put them on home made Christmas cards, on the christmas card envelopes – be creative and think of other ideas for how you could use these on your own gifts and cards. From the same site you could also take a look at their name labels perfect for kids clothes, school bags, shoes – make sure you dont lose any of your kid’s clothing again. You can even get laundry ones so you don’t mix up which clothes belong to who! Your kids will love some of the colorful labels with cartoon animals and other cool pictures on them, and you will probably love the convenience.

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A conversation I had about greening up rented houses

The other day over coffee a friend and I were chatting about how she had just moved house into a small townhouse with very little space for a garden. She’s always been an avid gardener and lover of all things green so this is a bit of a disappointment for her so she and I were trying to think of a practical and easy solution to get some more plants around her house. After some brainstorming we thought of a great option which would be to use window boxes and fill them right up with her favorite small plants and flowers. If you shop around carefully enough I think you can probably find a window box to suit almost any style of house, you could attach one under each window easily enough that it would be fine even in a rented property –  a few screws or nails that you can putty over when you move out and take the box back down. What’s nice about them is that while they do look pretty from the outside if you do it right with some big big flower boxes and choose the right flowers to go in them they will bloom up over the bottom edge of the window so when you look out its like you are peering out into a beautiful, lush garden.

Nice example of a green flower box.

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Over 1 year later pollution is still ongoing…

Researchers from Auburn University found the environmental impact of the spill is continuing 17 months since oil leaked into the ocean, after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon.

They found that “mats” submerged in the seabed for more than a year had been broken up by tropical storms and gave off the tar balls.

The pollution found on Alabama beaches this month had “essentially identical” chemical composition to those from after the spill.

Researchers now “question the validity of the widely-held belief that submerged oil from the Deepwater Horizon accident is substantially weathered and depleted”.

BP said it would “continue to have crews out collecting tarballs as the reports come in” but the report would not change its immediate plans.

On Wednesday, BP’s share price dropped 1.3pc to 409.1p as it also emerged that the group of obscure Russian investors suing BP and two of its senior staff have almost doubled their claim to £3.1bn.

The lawsuit follows ongoing tensions at TNK-BP between its joint owners, BP and four oligarchs.

Small shareholders in TNK-BP, led by Andrey Prokhorov, claim the British company caused the joint venture to be excluded from a £10bn deal with Russian state oil company Rosneft. They originally filed a claim for £1.75bn, strongly contested by BP, but they now allege that losses are higher as they had not included overseas opportunities.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/oilandgas/8780060/New-tar-balls-on-Gulf-of-Mexico-beaches-come-from-BP-oil-spill.html

This begs the question: for how long will things like this keep happening? If there are “mats” under the sea breaking up 17 months later who knows what other timebombs are lurking ready to explode in 6 years, 10 years, 20 years?

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