5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How is your footprint?

These days it is pretty hard to deny that unless something changes dramatically with the way people treat our environment the effects are going to be drastic. While some vocal people still deny that global warming is really happening they are fast becoming a minority – it seems as though global warming is real, it is happening and it is scary. So what can you as one single person do to make a difference? Here are five quick suggestions that I try to be aware of in my daily life and they really are not hard to implement at all.

Buy food from local producers

We live in a globalized world, and while this is by-and-large an amazing thing that has opened us up to knowledge, new cultures and experiences and cheaper products (I am not an anti-globalization hippie!!) the fact is that shipping products all over the world is emitting massive amounts of carbon. Nowdays it is standard to visit the grocery store and find fruit and vegetables from all over the world. However, the fact is it is not much more expensive to find stores that stock locally grown produce that only has to be trucked a few miles from where it was grown rather than flown 1000s of miles.

Ride your bike or walk more

This one doesnt only help the environment but is good for your health too! Next time you are driving to a store just around the corner stop and think if it would be just as easy to walk. Going a bit farther? Jump on a bike. You can pick up perfectly good bikes second hand for under $100 and just riding a few times a week instead of driving will also save you a lot of money on gas. It’s a no brainer.

Use green energy

Many power companies now give you the option of getting some or all of your energy from clean sources. Even better read up on how to to make solar panels and start producing your own solar power free from the sun.

How to make solar panels - save the planet

Check energy rating on new appliances

You will be amazed at how much more power one appliance can use compared to an identical-looking one right next to it. If you are buying something big like a TV, fridge or dishwasher do your research and choose a product that uses less energy – this can make a big reduction in your carbon footprint and to your power bill.

Consume less of everything

I have to admit that I love shopping online, but it can be a good idea to stop and think before clicking that checkout button… do I really need this new thing? We could all consume a little less and enjoy the simple things in life a lot more.

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