levels of degrees uk

levels of degrees uk

Many of our courses have no formal entry requirements, but for those that do, we welcome applicants without traditional entry qualifications. We offer places based on our own assessment of your qualifications, knowledge and previous work experience. We may waive formal entry requirements based on our judgement of your academic potential.
At Birkbeck, we encourage applications from students without traditional qualifications and w e welcome students from all educational backgrounds. Our admissions tutors will take into account the knowledge and skills that you have developed outside the classroom, not only your previous qualifications.

If you live locally, you can earn a degree right on your doorstep! Many people don’t want the hassle of moving away to study at a university, so this is when Hull College steps in. All of our degree courses are awarded by recognised providers, such as Hull University.
Hull College offers an ever-increasing range of Foundation Degrees that bring higher education closer to industry. By blending academic and vocational learning, you will learn the important employability skills needed to get ahead in your chosen career.



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