what age do you go to university

what age do you go to university

Applicants who’ll be under 18 on admission should seek advice from a College Admissions Tutor as early as possible to discuss their application. If they’re considering Medicine, they should also read the advice regarding age requirements for this course in the Medicine course entry.
There’s no age requirement for admission to Cambridge, although the vast majority of undergraduates are 18 years or older when they start their course. If you’ll be over 21 when you start your course you are classified as a mature student.

What age do you go to university
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To be eligible for admission to an RMIT program you must:

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The average age of German first degree university graduates has gone down in recent years, which means that students are both starting their studies and finishing them earlier, without prolonging. Currently the average age stands at 24 years old. After their first degree many graduates might also decide to pursue a second one, for example a Masters.
In the most recent winter semester, the number of first-year students amounted to nearly 509 thousand. At German universities, the academic year is divided into the winter and summer semesters. Start and end dates may vary depending on the type of university and course of study. On average, first-degree students studied for eight semesters. State universities still attracted the largest student numbers, followed by universities of applied sciences.

The University does not set any age requirements (except for the Medicine course: please see below), but applicants for all undergraduate courses will be expected to demonstrate a mature approach to the study of their subject which includes demonstrable skills of critical analysis, wide contextual knowledge and the ability to manage their own time without the external imposition of a full daily timetable. You should look at the selection criteria for your chosen course carefully and consider whether you are fully able to meet them at this stage.
We are aware that people mature at different rates in their youth; nevertheless, you should consult the college to which you are applying to discuss your application, as they will wish to consider provision for your welfare if you are likely to begin your course before your eighteenth birthday.

If you meet the above criteria, you will be required to attend an interview, and may attend with a support person.
If you are under 16 years of age on 31 December in the year before admission is sought, you can still apply if you show evidence of outstanding academic achievement, a capability for university study, and the maturity to achieve in the university environment. You will be expected to demonstrate academic ability well in excess of the minimum requirements for admission.



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